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Traffic Tickets

Some traffic tickets are more serious than others, especially those involving major traffic offences costing you demerit points or even suspension of your license.  Aside from the fines and demerit points you will receive, your conviction will remain on your abstract and may result in the increase of your car insurance rate.


Collisions can have a major impact on insurance rates. If you have been charged with Careless Driving or any other offence resulting from an accident, have us fight your case and protect your insurance premiums and your driving record.

Ticket Reopening

Not Guilty gets the results you need. If you were found guilty through no fault of your own, we act immediately to secure your reopening from conviction. We will take care of all forms, paperwork, court appearances and anything else needed to ensure a successful reopening.

Ticket Motions & Appeals

Our team carefully prepares all paperwork and arguments to give your appeal the best chance of success. We attend the appeal court on your behalf to argue your case.

Suspended License

A suspended license could cost you your job. Driving under suspension can result in further
suspensions and even jail time. We can help with your court case and guide you to getting your
license back.

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